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A Map of Clontarf

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A map of Clontarf showing all the roads, avenues and the one street in Clontarf. Do you know which is the only 'street' in Clontarf? If not, why not try and find it on the map below?

Transport to & From Clontarf

Eating Out

Bed & Breakfast 

"Mapping based on Ordnance Survey Ireland by permission of the Government."
Licence No. NE 0001200
Copyright Government of Ireland 2000 
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We hope this map proves valuable to all those requesting such an image on our site. We are now finally able to provide it, in full, from the Howth Road, to Watermill Road and to Sybil Hill Road, including the East Point Business Park, St Anne's Park, the Crescent etc. Please be patient as the map downloads 

Click Here for Historic Map of Clontarf - Ordnance Survey Ireland.

Click here for large image.

Section of map of Clontarf (1800s) showing location of Mooney's cottages which no longer exist. Click on image above for higher resolution image.


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